Parfums de Marly Perseus

Parfums de Marly’s new release ”Perseus” equips you with a fresh, fruity and woody fragrance for the upcoming Summer. Launched early in 2024 it gives you time to test it and pick from your favorite fragrances for the Summer.

Starting from the look of it, Persus has a very bright orange bottle with a gray cap. The orange represents fresh fruit and citrus in this scent.

Introducing the Notes

The opening Top notes unveil as the vibrant grapefruit and zesty bergamot intertwine to create a lively and invigorating top note. The crisp citrusy accord immediately captivates the senses, evoking the sensation of a sun-drenched morning. Adding to the fragrance is the presence of black currant, infusing a subtle sweetness and depth to the composition.

The Middle notes and the beginning of the dry down are a blend of green mandarin, vetiver, and geranium, creating a sophisticated and aromatic bouquet. The green mandarin adds a vibrant and citrusy freshness, infusing the composition with a lively energy. Vetiver lends its earthy and smoky facets, evoking a sense of depth and refinement. Complementing these notes is the floral essence of geranium, imparting a delicate sweetness and a touch of elegance.

The Base notes are dry wood, ambergris, and cashmere wood. These elements culminate to create a rich and enveloping foundation for the fragrance. Dry wood adds a woody and sophisticated depth, evoking a sense of strength and stability. Ambergris contributes a subtle yet alluring muskiness. Complemented by the smooth and creamy texture of cashmere wood.

Perfect for the Summer

If you’re looking for a very realistic grapefruit and woody scent for the summer, this is perfect for you. Offering you a fresh, deep woody and musky scent, this is a great day time scent for the warm weather of the summer.

Longevity and Sillage

This fragrance is renowned for its exceptional longevity, making it an enduring companion throughout the day and into the night. Despite its remarkable staying power, Perseus strikes a delicate balance with its moderate sillage, ensuring that the fragrance emanates with subtlety and sophistication. The scent gracefully envelops the wearer without overwhelming those nearby. The combination of very long longevity and moderate sillage makes Perseus a standout choice for individuals seeking a fragrance that endures with grace and elegance, perfect for making a lasting impression in any setting.


Known for it’s pricy fragrances, you cant expect a cheap Parfums de Marly perfume. The French Niche fragrance house makes very good quality perfumes so if you have the budget to buy this fragrance, expect it to be a quality one. The price ranges from $200 – $250. But expect discounts here:
You can find it on


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