Mind Games Fragrances

A newer brand coming into the fragrance industry is Mind Games. With their first release dating back to 2022. With their ”Artisan” collection they released first 10 perfumes.
In this article we will be reviewing 5 of their first perfumes, rating their sillage, longevity and notes. We will also tell you which season they best perform in.

1. As-Suli’s Diamond

As-Suli’s Diamond by Mind Games is a fragrance for women and men.The top notes sparkle with the freshness of bergamot and mandarin, creating a luminous opening reminiscent of the sun’s radiant glow on a clear morning.As the fragrance unfolds, delicate floral nuances of jasmine and rose emerge, infusing the composition with a soft, feminine allure.he base notes of As-Suli’s Diamonds exude warmth and sensuality, with rich amber and patchouli lending a velvety smoothness to the scent. Sandalwood and vetiver provide a lingering earthiness.
The Longevity of this frangrance is decent, not the longest, but it lasts a good while on skin.
The Sillage is also decent, leaves a fresh trail behind you that is not too strong, it is the perfect in between that will make anyone question you which fragrance you’re wearing.

2. Blockade

Blockade by Mind Games is a fragrance for women and men.The top notes are mango, tomato leaf, bergamot and pink pepper, which perfectly fits in the summer time. Just imagine the freshness of bergamont and a tomato leaf in the summer. Blockade’s middle notes are mango blossom, watery cyclamen lavender and star anise. The freshness of the top notes perfectly blends in with the floral notes. The base notes are patchouli, amber, suede and agarwood. The combination of high floral and fresh notes with earthy and woody base notes makes the fragrance wearable in colder weathers too.
The Longevity of this fragrance is very good, lasts long on skin which is important for hot weathers due to sweating.
The Sillage is really good, this is a fragrance you will most likely get questioned about, especially for it’s tomato leaf notes which is a rare note but incredible to smell.

3. Caissa

Caissa by Mind Games is a fragrance for women and men. The top notes are black licorice, pink pepper, cardamom and fougassette. A very interesting note of black licorice unfolds when first spraying this perfume on your skin. The mi notes are gardenia, egyptian jasmine and madagascar ylang-ylang. After a mysterious smell of black licorice, the pepper takes over with a hit of floral notes which descends into its base notes. The base notes are musk, ambrocenide and cacao. The musky and floral scent makes this fragrance an all season fragrance, wearable in the coldest weather, unleashing its musky, sweet and amber scents. While the summer opens up the fragrance revealing its white floral scent making it fresh and sweet.
The Longevity of this fragrance is very long lasting, maybe a bit less in the summer as it evaporates but a few more sprays won’t hurt.
The Sillage leaves a trail of the floral notes, as you get closer to the smell you feel the peppery and black licorice scent with a base of musk.

4. Castling

Castling by Mind Games is a fragrance for women and men. Top notes are fig leaf, sea salt and bergamot. A very interesting note of fig leaf makes you feel smell of the meditteranian summer near the beach. The middle notes are iris, lotus and freesia. The fresh but strong floral notes, especially the iris make it a perfect for the upcoming woody base notes. The base notes are sandalwood, Madagascar vetiver, musk, vanilla and woodsy notes. The freshness and beautiful floral notes on top of strong woody and musk notes make this fragrance an all sesaon fragrance, allthough its best to wear it on a hot summer day to unleash its fresh summer scent. The performance in cold weather is nothing different than in the summer, the wood and musk with a pinch of vanilla make it wearable in the coldest of the cold which is seasoned with freshness and floral notes.
The Longevity of this fragrance is long lasting, the hot summer days might make it last a little less so don’t be shy with the sprays.
The Sillage is decent, the fresh smell leaves a trail which is very interesting with the floral notes in the middle. As you smell it more and more the woody notes reveal themselves.

5. Checkmate

Checkmate by Mind Games is a fragrance for women and men. Top notes are champagne, red currant and davana. Imagine opening a champagne bottle filled with strong floral and nature notes in the middle. The middle notes are May Rose, Bulgarian rose, rose and Magnolia. Three different rose scents in one fragrance makes you feel like drinking a glass of champagne in a foggy garden surrounder by roses and a fresh cigar in your hand after revealing the base notes which are patchouli, tobacco and moss.
The Longevity on this fragrance is very long, it performs really well in all types of weather and all seasons which makes it your perfect buy if you’re looking for an all-year round fragrance.
The Sillage is also very strong, making a floral, fruity yet strong greeny trail behind you.

All considered if you are a fragrance fanatic and have the budget, a Mind Games fragrance will be a very unique part of your collection.


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