Verset Parfums

In this article we will be reviewing two of the best selling Verset fragrances, one for Him and the other for Her. Covering the description of their notes and their overall performance.

Verset Parfums Choice for Him Eau de Parfum


Verset Choice will be a perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a fresh and sweet-ish fragrance. The top note of Choice is Pineapple, making it very similar to Creed Aventus if you’re looking for a not so expensive fragrance and similar to it, this is the way to go. The heart note is Patchouli, with it’s sweet, dark, with an earthy, woody edge the combination between Pineapple and Patchouli blends in perfectly. Many fragrances use Patchouli with musky notes because it goes along very well, which is why the base note of Choice is Oak Moss. Offering you a fresh, sweet, woody fragrance with a bitter note of Oak Moss which gives this fragrance that musky scent.

Verset Parfums Luz Adriana Eau de Parfum


Verset Luz Adriana is a fragrance with a floral, woody and earthy smell. Luz Adriana’s top note is Black Currant offering green, minty and fruity notes to the fragrance. The heart note is Iris a very earthy, woody, powdery note, making it strong and feminine with the powdery note. The base note is Patchouli with notes that go along with Iris. Patchouli’s woody and earthy scent perfectly blends in to make the fragrance strong, fruity and floral. If you’re looking for a fun women’s fragrance that lasts very long and doesn’t take a big hit on your wallet, this is a perfect pick for you.

In conclusion
if you’re looking for quality fragrances that don’t cost a lot, Verset Parfums offers a lot more unisex, male and female fragrances that might smell better to you than these two bestsellers. You can check them out on their website Verset Parfums.


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