Millésime Impérial Creed

Since its inception in 1995, Creed’s Millesime Imperial has encapsulated the essence of sophistication and allure. This fragrance, specifically designed for women, embodies the invigorating freshness of sea notes, making it a quintessential choice for warm weather escapades. Its crisp, clean aroma transports wearers to sun-kissed shores, evoking memories of gentle sea breezes and endless horizons.

A Symphony of Notes

At the heart of Millesime Imperial lies a carefully curated blend of notes that harmonize to create an unforgettable olfactory experience.

The top notes tantalize the senses with a burst of fruity sweetness intertwined with the bracing allure of sea salt, setting the stage for the journey ahead.

Moving seamlessly into the middle notes, Sicilian lemon, bergamot, iris, and mandarin orange dance together, infusing the fragrance with vibrant citrus accents and a touch of floral elegance.

Finally, the base notes of sea notes, musk, and woody undertones anchor the composition, leaving a lingering trail of sophistication and sensuality in its wake.

Embrace Elegance: Millesime Imperial as a Signature Scent

Millesime Imperial by Creed transcends mere fragrance, becoming a signature statement of elegance and refinement for the discerning woman. Whether embarking on a seaside adventure or simply reveling in the joys of everyday life, this exquisite scent serves as a steadfast companion, exuding confidence and grace with every spritz. With its invigorating freshness and timeless appeal, Millesime Imperial embodies the essence of femininity, making it a cherished addition to any fragrance collection.

Longevity and Sillage

Millesime Imperial by Creed boasts moderate longevity and sillage, enveloping its wearer in a delicate veil of fragrance that lingers throughout the day without overwhelming the senses.


However, its premium quality comes with a price tag that reflects its exclusivity and craftsmanship, placing it in the higher echelons of the fragrance market. While it may not be the most accessible option for those new to the world of perfumery, experienced fragrance connoisseurs will appreciate its unparalleled sophistication and refined allure.

For those who value quality over quantity and seek a scent that exudes elegance and luxury, Millesime Imperial proves to be a worthy investment, adding a touch of opulence to any olfactory repertoire.


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