Le Beau Paradise Garden Jean Paul Gaultier

Launched in 2024, Le Beau Paradise Garden is a must have for the upcoming summer, we hugely recommend you this newly made fragrance if you want to smell unique in the warm weather.

In every way you look, this fragrance overwhelms you with a fresh aura. Starting from the bottle itself, the emerald green color inside of the layer of glass just is impossible to overlook. The vine leaf on the naked part of the body shaped bottle presents the woody and greeny scent this fragrance offers.

Introducing the Notes

The top notes of this fragrance intertwine watery freshness with invigorating greens, mint, and ginger. The watery essence evokes clarity and fluidity, while green notes add vibrancy. Mint offers a crisp, refreshing touch, complemented by the warmth of ginger. Together, they create an energizing and dynamic opening that sets the tone for a refreshing experience.

The middle notes of this fragrance unveil a captivating blend of coconut, fig, and salt, evoking a sense of tropical allure and seaside serenity. The creamy sweetness of coconut intertwines with the luscious essence of ripe fig, adding a rich and indulgent layer to the scent. Infused with a hint of salt, reminiscent of ocean air and sun-kissed skin, these notes create a harmonious balance between exotic sweetness and coastal freshness.

The base notes of this fragrance feature a luxurious pairing of sandalwood and tonka bean, crafting a warm and sensual end to this fragrance. Sandalwood lends its creamy and woody richness, enveloping the senses in a comforting embrace. Meanwhile, tonka bean adds a sweet and aromatic depth.

The Perfect Summer Fragrance

The description of this fragrance is in the name itself, Paradise Garden. When you smell it you can imagine yourself in a tropical garden near the beach. The fragrance is perfect for warm weather in the summer or fresh warm spring days.

Longevity and Sillage

This fragrance boasts remarkable longevity, gracefully lingering on the skin for hours on end. Its captivating scent unfolds gradually, revealing its intricate layers over time, ensuring a lasting impression throughout the day or night. While its longevity is undeniably impressive, its sillage remains moderate, delicately enveloping the wearer in a subtle aura of fragrance without overwhelming the senses or the surrounding environment.
This balance between longevity and sillage makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a fragrance that endures without overpowering, allowing for a sophisticated and intimate olfactory experience.

Good Value

Ranging prices for the 125ml bottle go for $100-$130 and 75ml bottle sells for $70-$90 depending on where you order from, some websites offer discounts. You can check our partners at
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